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Anna's Tribute To Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe Keepers

I got this idea from a website called Miss Scarlett's Gone With The Wind Page. Her banner is on my LINKS page. A keeper is something that you get to keep. Examples:
You can keep an artical of clothing, quote, picture, or anything else!

If you want a Marilyn Keeper, please email me a picture, and a quote that you like of her! You may have up to 3 keepers! I will post your name, email, and quote, on this page! Here are 2 of my keepers! If you would like to see my GWTW Keepers, please visit my GWTW page!

Here, I will post the information, on the people who have keepers made from this site!

These are 2 of my keepers that I made. These are kind of an example, except you may have any quote, picture, or song you want!

I am the keeper of this photo and this quote from the Seven Year Itch

I am the keeper of this photo and song