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Anna's Tribute To Marilyn Monroe
My Marilyn Collection

My 1st piece of my Marilyn collection, was the movie "Some Like It Hot" I got it in early October (the month that I became a Marilyn fan)

I got most of my Marilyn stuff, for my birthday.
I just started bidding for things on Ebay, it is hard not to!

At the bottom of this page, there are some links, as to where you can get some of this Marilyn stuff.

I have some more Marilyn memoriabilia, that I could not find a picture of. Amoung them are:

A portrait of Marilyn, that lights up
A book called:
Marilyn Monroe Confidential
Some Marilyn stationary, that I got from Ebay
3 Marilyn photo magnets


Happy Birthday Mr. President Plate and Attached Doll

This Is A Plate Of Marilyn Holding Her Favorite Perfume: Chanler Number 5

Norma Jeane and Marilyn Merlot:

My cousin bought these on eBay earlier this year. She has kind of out grown Marilyn, so she gave these wine bottles to me for my birthday. (These would have to be my favorite part of my MM collection!)

1998 Marilyn Wine

2000 Norma Jeane Wine


2001 Marilyn Monroe Calander

Gift Bags:

Marilyn Monroe Gift Bag

Greeting Cards and Post Cards:

This is a package, with 30 color pictures of Marilyn

Fake MM Drivers Licence

Phone Cards:

This is a 1993 phone card. It is for $10.00 on Sundays.

This phone card is for 10 min. It is from 1993.

Tin Collectibles:

Hollywood Collectible Tin Licence Plate Sign

Marilyn Monroe Tin TV

Marilyn Collectible TV Penny Bank (sorry about the measuring tape. I could only find this picture on Ebay!)

 This is a tin stamp that I found while I was with my aunt at Menards

Coffee Mugs:

Marilyn Monroe Coffee Mug

"Oh I just want to be wonderful" mug

Candle Holders:

Marilyn Monroe Candle Holder


I was fortunate enough to get this magazine for $10.00 at Ebay!


Marilyn: The Last Take

The Last Days Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Goddess: The Secret Lives Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn: Shades Of Blonde

Marilyn's Men

Book Marks:

I found this book mark, at Barnes And Noble


Let's Make Love

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


Some Like It Hot

The Misfits

All About Eve

Something's Got To Give

There's No Business Like Show Business

Marilyn Monroe Memorie and Mysteries, includes: Hollywood Hall Of Fame, Hometown Story, Suicide: Fact or Fiction?