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Anna's Tribute To Marilyn Monroe
I am such a HUGE fan of Marilyn...

As a fan of Marilyn Monroe, what is the craziest thing that you have ever done to , get her memorabilia, look like her, etc.? Please email me your answers, and I will post it on this page.
After your story is on this page, you will get an award with your name on it!

(Please start out by saying:
I am such a huge fan of Marilyn...)

Here is my story:

"I am such a huge fan of Marilyn, that I went out for Halloween in her pink dress from "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend", and when I got to each door, I started singing the song! Some people sang along with me, but others just listened. It took me a day to learn the song by heart, so I didn't mess any words up."

...That was the craziest Marilyn thing I ever did!

Name: Tina
Age: 15

"I am such a HUGE Marilyn fan, I went to an audition for a commercial as her! You see, the rules were that you have to do something that you know, and perform for the director and producer.
I love the song "Heat Wave" so I had the costume made for me. I look similar to Marilyn (or so I am told OFTEN!)
I put on my makeup, just like her, and I also put on Marilyn's favorite perfume, Chanel #5!
I hire1d a bunch of guys that I know, to be my male singers. We all got together, and they carried me in on the float, just like in the movie!
I knew all the lyrics, because I perform as Marilyn alot. I can do her voice very well!
I did the performance as good as I could. When I was done, the director just starred at me, in awe,like 'Oh, my God! this girl REALLY wants this part!'
Well I got the part, and it was wonderful!"

Name: Jami
Age: 27

I am such a huge fan of Marilyn, I stood outside a post office in the freezing rain, waiting for the mailman to return with my sculpted "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" plate.
The mailman had left one of those little cards in my mailbox, saying that I had a package at the post office, and to pick it up by 4:30.
So, I go up there, knowing that it had to be plate. When I got there, they told me that the mailman had not gotten there yet, due to bad weather.
"Would you like to come back tomorrow?" of course not!!!
So, I stood there, and1 waited until he showed up at about 5:20 or so.
Meanwhile, the rain was pouring down, and the roads were getting slicker and slicker.
Do you think that I wanted to leave without my package? Yeah, right!!! Not in your life!
That was the craziest thing that I ever did to get Marilyn memorabilia!