Anna's Tribute To Gone With The Wind


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Margaret Mitchell





The above picture is what Margaret Mitchell's house, which her and her husband referred to as "The Dump" looked like in the 1930's


The above picture is what Margaret Mitchell's house looked like in 1996 after it was arsoned

Margaret Mitchell never did get around to writing another book, and it's such a pity because if she ever made a sequal, I am sure it would have been better than Alexandra Ripley's "Scarlett". Don't get me wrong, there are some parts in "Scarlett" that I really like. I just think Margaret Mitchell would have done a better job. Her only published fiction was called "Marital Bonds" and was published in 1926. Printed in Open Doors (A local Atlanta house organ). But then in 1995, a 13,000-word novella called "Lost Laysen" written when she was only 16, was publised in 1996.

Margaret Mitchell died on August 16, 1949 only three months before her 49th birthday.

On November 8, 2000, Maragret Mitchell will be 100 years old! Margaret Mitchell died exactly 50 years ago on August 16, 2000.

She sold GWTW in 1935 and it was published in 1936.

GWTW is still the most popular book and movie of our time!

Thank you Margaret Mitchell, because if we wouldn't have had your wonderful book, our lives would be completely boring...