Anna's Tribute To Gone With The Wind


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My GWTW Quiz


This is my GWTW Quiz. :-) Please look over the questions, and when you are through, please email me the answers. I have an award for you when you are done. If you get over 5 questions wrong, you will not get the award. for a person who gets all the answers right. If you have a webpage and want to put the award on it, please link it to:

I hope that you like the quiz, and good luck! :-) (-:

Please Email Me The Answers!

Quiz Award

My Quiz Contains Three Different Sections...

My Movie Quiz:
1. In the end of the movie after Rhett left Scarlett, she walks to the stairs and sits down and starts to cry. Soon she starts hearing some voices in her head talking about Tara. Whose were they?

2. What was the first WHOLE line that Vivien Leigh said? (up untill the Tarleton Boys Start talking)

3. Who was the most comedic woman to try out for the part of Scarlett?

4. In the scene where Scarlett, Melanie, Prissy, and baby Beau are on the road to Tara, there are some black birds in the sky. How many were there?

5. Who was originally going to play Jonas Wilkerson, but died of uremic poisoning one month into filming?

6. Who was originally supposed to play Bonnie Blue Butler, but by the time filming was ready,she was too big?

7. What was the date written on the check that Scarlett writes out to pay the taxes on Tara after she married Frank Kennedy?

8. (Be specific)what color was Bonnie's pony?

9. What do Rhett and Bonnie call London?

10. There are two visible mistakes in the movie one in the beginning and one in the middle. What were they?

My Book Quiz:
1. What are the FULL names of all of Scarlett's children?

2. What is the name of the woman that tells Scarlett that there are alternatives to having babies, when Scarlett found out that she was pregnant with Bonnie?

3. What is the name of the fourth college that the Tarleton Boys got kicked out of?

4. How does Margaret Mitchell first describe Ella?

5. What was the name of the school that Scarlett graduated from?

My Actors Quiz:
1. How did Vivien Leigh die, how old was she, and what year was it?

2. How did Clark Gable die, how old was he, and what year was it?

3. What year did Leslie Howard die, how?

4. Butterfly McQueen was the most recent actress to die, she died in 1995. How did she die?

5. Olivia de Havilland and Butterfly McQueen were in what movie together before Gone With the Wind?

6. Vivien Leigh won another Best Actress Award for what movie? What was her characters name?

7. How did Hattie McDaniel die and what year?

8. What was the name of the man that designed every beautiful costume for GWTW?

9. In 1942, Cammie King voiced for what Walt Disney movie? What was the name of the character in which she voiced?

10. What was the last movie that Clark Gable was in? (Hint: he died exactly two weeks after it was finnished)