Anna's Tribute To Gone With The Wind


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Win An Award

If you would like to apply for an award, your page must have the following:

1. No pornography, hate remarks, or swearing (it is acceptable to have damn.)

2. No broken Links

3. No "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" Signs, please! SOOO Annoying!

4. Your page MUST be about GWTW, Classic movies, Classic Actors and Actresses, People that were in GWTW , or GWTW Fanfiction.

5. If you win the award, you must link it back to my page and you also must take a banner.

6. You MUST sign my Guest Book. If you apply, but don't sign my Guest Book, you will not win.

If your page has all these requirments, you may apply for my award by e-mailing me your name, email address, URL, title of your site, a description of your site, and what award you want. However, there are many occasions, when I will go surfing, and present an award to a site that I like.

(The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th awards, are animated. The do not show up animated on this page, but they are!!!)

Please Email Me Your Application!

Great Site Award

Site Of The Week Award

Site Of The Day Award

Site Of The Month Award

Classic Actress Award

Classic Actor Award

I want to thank Kim (GWTW And Beyond) and Scarlatta (Scarlatta Designs) for making the first four BEAUTIFUL awards, for me to give to websites that deserve them! ...Thanks!!! :o)